Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choking on Freedom

I woke to find you bent over my bed.
Snapped shut my eyes and made you disappear.
I’m choking on my freedom like you said.

The sunset dressed the sky in pink and red,
Dissolved to let me feed upon my fear.
I woke to find fresh wounds that gaped and bled

I contemplate the things we left unsaid,
It's hard to be alone with you so near.
I'm choking on the freedom and the dread.

Mistook the path we traveled on and tread
For a journey from which I could never veer,
I woke to watch you climb out of my head.

I walked among the thistle there instead,
Left the path behind because it wasn’t clear.
No choking on the freedom when I led.

You failed to understand just what you had.
My devotion spread thin as a veneer,
I peeled it clean and dropped it as I fled,
Exuberant in freedom now instead.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


She caresses the shiny brown
harbinger hidden inside
the folds of her carnival dress.
Fingers spinning madly,
laboring to coax
Respectable fortune into her pocket.
She wills it to soak deep
through the gauzy cotton
onto her waiting summer-dark skin.