Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Official: I've Totally Lost It

A week ago Saturday, we added another puppy to our family. I know, crazy. We now have three children, two cats, three dogs, and a fish tank. I spend all of my time feeding people and animals, then cleaning up their messes.

My husband, for some odd reason, is in the mood to acquire, which is quite out of character. He recently surprised me with a Kindle and about a month later, with a new laptop. I love the Kindle and am using it non-stop. There are so many wonderful titles available on Amazon for nothing at all; it's like having a lending library at my fingertips 24 hours per day. The laptop was quite overdue. It's nothing really special, just a Dell Inspiron, but it's brand new and shiny and fast. Then last Saturday, hubby took us shopping under the pretense of buying new collars for Jack and Maddy. The little guy and I had been talking about some cute schnauzer puppies we'd seen at our favorite pet store. Another customer had failed to spay in a timely manner and ended up with a litter of puppies. They asked the pet store to offer the whole litter for sale. There were three little salt and pepper puppies, like Jack and Maddy, and one little solid black female. I fell in love with her immediately and the little guy couldn't stop talking about her.

Not long ago, I bought my son a flip video camera from Amazon for $59, which is a steal. So, this morning I spent ten minutes taking a video of the dogs, new puppy included, uploaded it to the laptop and within two clicks, had the following movie. Please be kind; I have never used a video camera of any kind before. I left the original audio because I think Jack's play growl is so cute. The puppy, Sophie, is about ten weeks old and weighs all of five pounds. Jack is largest and is wearing a black collar. Maddy's beard is mostly white and she's wearing a pink collar. In the grand tradition of WillowTree, enjoy this immensely boring pet video:


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Gorgeous!! One cute puppy. They obviously get on very well together which is a good sign.

CJ xx

laurie said...

yay to the flip cam!
yay to the lap top!
grrr to the kindle!
yayayayayyaya to the puppy!

she's so cute. really, only five pounds? doesn't quite look that small. but man, at five pounds, you have her totally under your control.

yay to the crazy husband!!!!

Kim said...

They do get along, but it took a few days, Crystal.

She may weigh a bit more than five pounds now, Laurie. She weighed five pounds last Monday when we visited the vet. Remember, the full grown miniature schnauzers only weigh about 20 pounds, so she doesn't look as tiny as she might next to Boscoe or Riley.

Babaloo said...

WOW, she is cute! They're all cute. And they get along great it seems. But, how the heck are you going to walk 3 dogs? You'll get tangled up in leashes in no time!

Looking forward to lots more videos and photos.

Kim said...

I don't walk the dogs all that
much, Babaloo. The kids usually walk them in the evenings and during the day I let them romp in the back yard. Since we have such a big lot, they get all the running they want going around and around the yard.

willowtree said...

WTF??? I'm sitting here minding my own business, when all of a sudden my pet clips are "immensely boring"!

A few points:
1) Three dogs and two cats is not crazy, it's perfectly normal.

2) With 3 dogs and a yard that size, you really don't need to walk them at all, you'd only do it for their sense of adventure.

3) That's a cute little dog, and the other two are good lookers as well.

4) The reason I add music is because I can't turn the mic off with my camera (it's not a camcorder) and the wind sounds drive me crazy, (even if there's no wind you end up with wind sounds!)

5) Ok, maybe my clips are a little boring.

Jen said...

I just love how Willowtree gets all defensive of his baby videos, because y'all know that's what they really are. In lieu of children, he has furry babies.

I think the puppy is adorable, and the others are cute, too. I would also like to say that it takes Willowtree to bring me out of commenting limbo (or wherever it is I've been).

Pamela said...


IF (big if) I ever get another dog it WILL be a Schnauzer.

I decided that a long time ago.

Maybe even a black one.

laurie said...

had to come back for another look.

Trixie Twatwaffle said...

your family rocks....

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Oh, they are so adorable! Your husband is a good man! How's your mama doing?

Jennifer said...

And the lord spake and he said "unto you I sayeth...go forth and shop for the electronics and the puppies and be stimulating to the economy....and Kaycie did so and He saw that it was good and He blessed her with a new Kindle..."

I have a S&P schnauzer and a black one too!!!

BTW, check the date stamp on my current post....

Cait O'Connor said...

I didn't know what a Kindle was and checked your link and realised what it is. Noticed the book on it was Edgar Sawtelle, one of my fave books. You are a dog lover, you will love this book.

I have puppy envy here!

-Ann said...

So hurts. It's like you've got a little black sheep in your family now.

Congratulations. Three dogs. You're either A.) very brave, B.) totally crazy, or C.) both!

Thanks for letting me know about the video.