Thursday, February 7, 2008

Musée Rodin

It was cold, dreary and rainy the day we went to the Rodin Museum. The grounds were so beautiful that I put my shawl over my head and walked through the garden in the rain. By the time I took this picture, it was raining fairly heavily. My lovely daughter wanted to stay dry and let me walk alone in the rain.

The Thinker, perhaps Rodin's most famous piece, simply stuns you with his presence. I was enjoying the quiet and solitude. Being alone in the garden was calming.

This piece, The Gates of Hell, was the most magnificent and enthralling work that I saw all day. It might be my favorite work of art in any medium that I saw while in Paris. I remember feeling awestruck. By the time I made my way to stand in front of this enormous work, my lovely daughter had come looking for me. We went inside and went through the museum together.

This piece is small, but stunning. I think the most striking thing about Rodin's work is the sense of movement he communicates with an inanimate sculpture. This is The Toilet of Venus.

The entwined hands are called The Cathedral. I love the graceful look of this sculpture.

This lovely marble bust is called Diane. Another small but stunning sculpture.

I don't remember the name of this headless lady. I honestly don't remember who the artist is, either. The museum was full of pieces by other artists that were collected by Rodin. Even though I've chosen sculpture to display here, there were paintings, drawings and pottery in the museum as well.

I love the intimacy of Eternal Idol. It is truly breathtaking. It embarrassed my daughter just a bit when I wanted to stop in front of it, gaze at the beauty and snap a photo.

My lovely daughter alongside a Rodin sculpture. The name was something along the lines of Fish Lady. My girl said she couldn't leave the museum until I took this picture. Reserved is not a word I would use to describe her.
By the time we left the museum, the rainfall had dropped to a drizzle. We left the grounds and walked along the streets of Paris, making our way to Invalides to see more treasures of the City of Lights.


The Green Stone Woman said...

It takes someone special to appreciate art the way you do. That much is clear from this post and previous posts. You are always impressed by what you see and get real enjoyment out of it. So many people just go and see because they ought to and make a little check mark on their list of having done that.

It's for people like you that museums exist and need to continue to exist for the next generation of kids like your daughter.

I am very fortunate in that my children also liked museums and were impressed by what they saw and my daughter still goes to museums now. She, in turn, is teaching her son how to look at things.

I really enjoy your posts about your art trips and they make me want to go and make trips like that myself.

ped crossing said...

That sounds like it was a wonderful trip. How great that you and your daughter got to share it.

The Toilet of Venus is a beautiful statue, but what is up with the name?

Babaloo said...

These works of art are amazing. I love Rodin. My favourite from yours here are probably the two entwined hands. They're so graceful.

Kim said...

Irene, you are such a doll. What nice things for you to say. I do love art and always wished for artistic talent. Other than an eye for beauty, I was not blessed with any real artistic skill.

I was a wonderful trip. We had a great time and would love to go back. The name of that piece in French is "Toilette de Venus". The word "toilette" means to dress or groom oneself. Certainly not what we mean by "toilet" these days. I guess it's a bit of an archaic use of the word, Ped.

I love the hands, too, Babaloo, but my absolute favorite is definitely "The Gates of Hell". It is one of those pieces that you have to see in person. My picture doesn't do it justice.

laurie said...

the rodin museum was our favorite of the museums we visited in paris. i love the picture of your daughter! not only is she gorgeous, she's funny!

we sat outside in the little cafe in the sideyard and had the best coffee i had on the whole trip...and i am not a coffee snob.

and i loved the crumbling old mansion that the museum is housed in.

Kim said...

This museum certainly had the most character of any of the museums we visited. Did you go to the Dali exhibit in Montmarte? I think that was my daughter's favorite.

The old mansion used to be a hotel, The Hotel Biron, I think. It was magnificent, wasn't it.

You know, Laurie, I think she's pretty and funny, too. She doesn't look a thing like me, she's pale, blonde (naturally), has that little heart shaped face and a beautiful mouth. Right now, she's a redhead. She is so much more adventurous that I ever was. It's really wonderful.

I'm also so objective, don't you think?

elizabethm said...

Beautiful photos kaycie and you write it all so well. Your daughter looks full of life and energy, lovely isnt it!

the rotten correspondent said...

award at my place...

ped crossing said...

You know I looked up the translation online (not the most reliable I know, but the best I can do) and it still meant toilet. I am so glad you could clear that up for me. :)

-Ann said...

Bloglines isn't picking up your updates anymore, since you're all mysterious and everything. :)

We skipped the Rodin garden and museum because it was January (too cold for the garden) and we were pretty arted-out after the Louvre know, that other place with the Impressionists.

I love your paris posts. Makes me want to travel some more.

Anonymous said...

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